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Disability Insurance

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Your income is doing a double job for you. It's providing today's basic necessities and luxuries as well as serving as the foundation of your future plans. As long as you have the ability to earn an income, you are hopefully able to pay your expenses and accumulate assets.

But what would happen if a disability should strike?

1. Your need for the basic necessities of life would continue.
2. Future needs for retirement, children's education, etc. would still exist.
3. Your desire for extras like a nice car, house, occasional vacation would potentially have to move over for increased medical bills.

Disability insurance may provide the income needed when you can't. The companies below all participate in the disability insurance market. We can represent all of these companies on your behalf -- at the same rate you'd get anywhere else.

American United Life
Ameritas Life
Guardian/Berkshire Life
Assurity Life
Illinois Mutual
Mass Mutual Life
Met Life
Pan American Life
Standard Insurance Co.
Union Central Life will shop the best disability companies in the business for you. Insurance prices are fixed by law - you cannot find a better price anywhere for the same product.

Disability Insurance Basics

It was necessary long before the Affordable Care Act made it a requirement for each US resident. Shop for plans by state of residence or by carrier. (more...)

High Risk Disability Insurance

Consumer directed healthcare puts more power in your hands by offering lower premiums to take a larger up front deductible. (more...)

Disability Insurance FAQs

There is no question that we have not heard before, and we post the most common questions here. (more...)

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Disability insurance is SO much more than just the price. We will help you find the righ coverage. (more...)

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