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Travel & International Coverage

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Whether your international need is for health insurance, life insurance, or travel insurance, we have shopped the world's most sound and reliable financial institutions for you. We have the best rates for teachers, students, seniors, executives and other world travelers, guaranteed! How? Since insurance is regulated, the plans we offer cost the same as you could find anywhere else. And, if a reliable company comes out with a competitive plan, we will offer it here for you to review.

Travel Insurance

Coverage for the trip and traveler. Travel insurance covers the cost of the trip.

Travel Health Insurance

For international trips from 5 days up to 3 years. Medical coverage for the traveler.

Travel Life Insurance

Life insurance for travel and non-US residents can access online quotes and get information for different types of life insurance and flight accident insurance.

International Health Insurance

Medical insurance for US citizens spending extended periods overseas or foreign nationals needing worldwide coverage including their home country. US type health plans for one year plus.

International Life Insurance

Life insurance for travel and non-US residents can access online quotes and get information for different types of life insurance.

Immigrant Health Insurance

Health insurance for new residents of the United States.

Seguro Medico

International health insurance and travel insurance for the Spanish speaking people of the world. Not US coverage for US residents. Just don't call and ask questions in Spanish as we only speak a tiny bit.

Quote/Info Request

If you need help or would like us to recommend appropriate coverage, call us or fill out this online form. We will email you the link for the product you likely need.

Additional information for your trip

Travel Advisor

Before you travel internationally, be sure to visit the State Department's website concerning travel warnings. The page is updated as needed by the government and is a valuable tool for those traveling overseas. The State Department also has a separate site for medical information while traveling.

Health Concerns When Traveling

No one is more current with health issues than the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Currency Converter

This is a real nice currency converter to help you out while traveling.
Currency Converter

Are You a New Immigrant to the United States?

One of the major requirements is an understanding of the Social Security system. This site is a must.