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Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance or short-term health insurance is coverage that is used to fill gaps between coverage. It is not recommended to use temporary health in place of "regular" health insurance. Short term insurance doesn't cover maternity, preventative, or pre-existing conditions or medications. But, it does cover unexpected illness or injury when you are:

  • Between jobs
  • Looking for a less expensive alternative to COBRA
  • A US citizen who lives abroad visiting the US
  • Waiting for your individual health plan to be approved.

Below you will find four different companies that offer this coverage. There is no formal underwriting process. As long you can answer the health questions "no," then the policy will be issued and can start as early as 12:01am tonight or a future date of your choice.

You can choose a fixed number of days for coverage or pay monthly up to 6 or 12 months depending on the plan. We have the plans listed by popularity. Just click on the links, quote the plan, and buy immediately online.

It will cost you the same no matter where you buy, so when you make your decision, please support our site and make your purchase here. Thank you!

Temporary Health Insurance Companies


IHC Health Solutions

IHC Health Solutions

Most short-term plans aren't available for people with certain health conditions or if you've been declined from health insurance in the past. STM Lite doesn't have a decline question. We recommend the Secure STM as the coverages are better. You can see the difference in "plan details" from the temporary health quote engine.


NHIC IntellaBridgeCare

This plan will give you another option for short-term health insurance. Please make sure that you contact the insurance company after the policy expires to cancel the association fee as well -- if that is what you choose to do. It does not end when the policy ends.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare Temporary Insurance

UHC has an advantage of getting network discounts at participating doctors.

Other Options...

Once you get your temporary health plan in place, then get Health Quotes and apply online for a "regular" individual or family health plan.