THEY offer insurance quotes. WE provide direction. BIG difference.

Group Benefits is a full service employee benefit firm. We concentrate exclusively on the design, funding, communication, enrollment, administration (through our 3rd-party administrators) and overall management of group benefit plans for the small to mid-sized employer. This focus allows us to thoroughly understand our clients' businesses and objectives, thereby enabling us to develop innovative benefit programs to meet their specific needs.

Why is the Smartest Place for Employee Benefits:

  • We provide solutions to the two top concerns for business owners - dealing with healthcare costs & attracting and retaining key talent.
  • Our enrollment & communication services help reduce demands on HR because employees are better educated.
  • Look to the left. We are pretty sure we offer whatever it is you are looking for.

Group Health Insurance

If you have 50 or more employees, you have to have this starting in 2014. If you want to grow your business...same story. (more...)

Group Hospital/Surgical Plans

You keep raising your deductible, but did you know you have options for your employees to fill that deductible?. (more...)

Dental Insurance

These plans are great with 10 or more employees. (more...)

Group Disability Insurance

Short-term and long-term disability insurance for your employees...also work best with 10 or more employees. (more...)

Group Life Insurance

This straight forward coverage has more options than you would think. (more...)

Voluntary Benefits

Aflac, Colonial Life, TransAmerica, & Allstate are the big players, but do you know the difference and which companies can deliver more?. (more...)

Executive / Key Person Insurance

Your top salesperson died yesterday. How do you keep your busines from following suit?. (more...)

College Tuition Benefit

How easy do you think it would be to retain key employees when your benefit plan includes tuition for college for their children, grandchildren, neices or nephews? (more...)

Enrollment / Communication Services

Putting together a benfit package is only part of the process. If dropping off a stack of blank forms is your broker's idea of enrollment, then we have some tools to show you. (more...)

Wellness Programs

Healthy employees are productive employees. (more...)

Bill Audit

We will take a look at your whole benefits package. (more...)

Make Us Your Broker

It is not too late. Assign us to your existing plan and we will turn it into a world-class plan. (more...)

Quote / Info Request

We just need to get some basic information to get your plan started. (more...)