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Group Health Plans

Insurance brokers generally get their health quotes from a handful of administrators in each state. These administrators are licensed with most (if not all) of the insurance companies that are available in the state. The administrators are the ones who administer billing and enrollment. The administrator and the broker are ultimately paid by the insurance company that you choose. You cannot save money by circumventing the broker or the administrator. You will pay the same - it’s just a question of the service you receive.

So, while we cannot affect the premium you are paying for a specific plan, we CAN make sure you have the right plan. Many brokers operate "inside the box" and set you up with a health plan with minimal thought in the process. When you went through your last renewal did you review partially self-funded plans, layered plans, or just the same old plans? Do you have an HRA and have you ever looked at the actual risk you are taking with one?

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