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Enrollment / Communication

That is great. You have a wonderful plan that you put together. But...your employees do not understand it. We are the number one enrollment firm in the area. In a recent employer survey of their employees, only one out of ~40 responders said they liked the enrollment program previously provided by their broker better. The broker was embarassed, but at least now understands the importance of what we do.

Our benefit counselors can sit with your employees on a one-to-one basis to explain their options. At the end of the counseling session, the employees can fill out a report card on how that session went. Like the example above, you too can learn how appreciative your employees will be to finally understand their benefits. Of course, they may never "fully" understand them, but we promise they will understand them better -- which should keep your HR department from fielding many, many questions and allow them to address more important issues.

Where some brokers look to gain additional revenue by charging for benefit statements and booklets, we can provide benefit statements to you at no cost. Depending on the situation, we can at least provide an electronic version of your benefit booklet at no cost. For some clients, we will provide printed versions either gratis or for just the cost of printing. In other words, it is a value added service from us -- not a revenue source.

Next time your broker brings in a stack of forms and expects you to get your employees to fill them out, give us a call. We will do the job your broker is expecting you to complete for them. We can even enroll your company in all of their benefits completely electronically. If you have a good relationship with your current broker, we can still provide the above with the costs picked up by your broker...instead of you.

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