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College Tuition Benefit®

College Tuition Benefit® makes it possible for employers to provide their employees' children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews with a guaranteed college scholarship. All scholarships come from a network of private colleges and universities around the Nation, the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Consortium. Roughly 60% of those colleges are ranked by US News and World Report as "America's Best Colleges."

There is no cost to the employer or employee when the benefit is provided to employees as part of a new or existing voluntary benefit program.

Employers: Would you provide each employee with SAGE Scholarship Tuition Rewards and then increase the scholarship by thousands each year if it didn't cost the company anything? Would it be easier to attract or retain employees if you could say, "At our company, while you save for your retirement, we help put your children through college?"

Employees: Would you prefer to work for an employer who provided the children and grandchildren of its employees with a college scholarship?

Over 250,000 children and their families enjoy tuition rewards that are honored by more than 300 private colleges and universities across the nation. By the way, that is more than 30% of the Nation's private, four year, non-seminary/rabbinical colleges.

Highlights of College Tuition Benefit are:

  • Each employee is registered to receive 500 SAGE Scholarship Tuition Reward Points; married employees can receive 1,000.
  • An annual increase in the scholarship fund equal to 5% of the employees 401k, 403b or other retirment plan balance.
  • Voluntary and worksite benefits from the nation's largest providers. If you already offer voluntary benefits, why not upgrade your exisiting program?
  • Employees are enrolled in the voluntary benefits offered by the employer, at the same time their children are enrolled in the scholarship program.
  • Increased participation in the 401k/403b plan (our experience is a 13% increase).
  • Reduced borrowing from the 401k/403b plan.
  • Alternate plan designs that don't rely on retirement plan account balances.
  • Note that CTB does not change your 401k/403b plan in any way. Investments are not altered or reallocated. Your existing account is used as a measurement for the benefit.

To illustrate how the program helps pay for a child, neice, nephew or grandchild's college education; assume a 12-year old in a family where the employee has $50,000 in the company 401k with hypothetical contributions and account balance.

Age of Child

401k Balance

5% Tuition Reward

SAGE Scholars Balance

Inititial Reward for registering a child 500
12 $50,000 2,500 3,000
13 $55,500 2,775 5,775
14 $61,385 3,069 8,844
15 $67,682 3,384 12,228
16 $74,420 3,721 15,949
17 $81,629 4,081 20,030

(Monies in a 401k do not have a guaranteed return and can actually lose value)

In this example a student attending a SAGE college is guaranteed at least a $20,030 reduction in tuition spread over four years. Every year that you wait means that much more you have to save for college.

Here is the current list of participating colleges. Keep in mind that while only the participating colleges guarantee the scholarships, we are aware of examples of members getting non-participating colleges to match or partially match benefits as well.