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Group Disability Plans

There is one advantage to group disability plans and that is cost. You can get a low cost plan to cover many people at once.

The disadvantage to group disability plans arrives at claim time. Never compare a group plan to an individual plan whether it is long term disability or short term disability. There is no comparison. The individual plans will definitely cost more, but the claims they pay out can be much greater.

For example, if you are on a short term disability plan through a group and lose your job, you lose the benefit. If you become disabled during your job search, you are out of luck. With an individual plan, you could still submit a claim if you keep the plan.

The "best" way to set up a disability plan is indiviudal short term and long term plans. An alternative, yet less expensive way is use group long term and individual short term coverage. While you could do just group insurance, that is doing the employees and the executives a disservice.

The point is you have different options, and we will help you decide the best course. We will not knee jerk and just get you group rates. If you bought everything on cost, you would have driven a skate board to work today.

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