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Bill Audit

Start Saving Today!

Insurance prices are not different from broker to broker, but that doesn't mean your broker did it right.

Has your benefits package changed since you grew to more than 10 employees? Why not?.

If the same company bills your health and disability premiums, then you might not be getting the best deal. We will tell you why.

Do you have the right plans for your size business?

Do you have more expensive group plans when individual plans may be more appropriate?

Our Bill Audit program is simple. Send us copies of your current bills and we will let you know if there are some areas we can either save you money or put your package together a little bit better.

If you are eligible then we will have you sign some forms and we will get to work. Call the number above or send a copy of your bills to billaudit at

Check out our Bill Audit program today. Either fill out our online information request or give us a call today.