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Travel Life Insurance & Flight Accident Insurance

If you listened to that insurance guy and bought the right amount of life insurance, this page would become useless. But, you are now leaving for a trip soon (tomorrow, next week, next month, etc...) and no insurance company wants to insure you, because you are traveling internationally. If you do not have current plans to travel internationally, then getting life insurance is what you should be looking for, because you can still have a trip down the stairs, in the bathtub, etc... So, we want to make sure all of your trips are covered.

For no underwriting, you can only buy travel flight accidental death insurance. We have two plans for that. One that offers up to $500,000 and another that can offer up to 10x your income.

  • 24-Hour coverage (air & ground accidental death) or
  • Flight Only

Below you will find four different policies. The first two cover accidental death while traveling internationally and the second two cover your flights only. There is no formal underwriting process. The policy will can start as early as tomorrow or a future date of your choice.

Just click on the links, quote the plan, and buy immediately online. It will cost you the same no matter where you buy, so when you make your decision, please support our site and make your purchase here. Thank you!

Petersen International

Petersen International High Limit

For higher needs and for older clients. Warzone coverage available, buy/sell, excutives, owners, key person. Accepting paper applications only. Click link to download. Contact to get rates. If you are packing for the trip, look at the other options.

IMG - International Medical Group

Sky Rescue

IMG Sky Rescue offers $100,000 base accidental death coverage with the ability to buy up to $400,000 more for $500,000 total.


Travelex Insurance Services

• Choose Flight Insure for simple flight protection or the more robust Flight Insure Plus for continued coverage throughout your trip.

Travel Guard

Travel Guard

Flight Guard by Travel Guard provides flight only coverage. These too are the plans you used to find in kiosks at the airport.

Other Options...

If you want coverage to cover the costs of the trip, then you can consider travel insurance (which has medical benefits). If you need coverage for an indefinite amount of time, then look at international health insurance. And, if you are mostly concerned with accidental death, then just look at travel life insurance.