THEY offer insurance quotes. WE provide direction. BIG difference.

High-Risk Insurance

Sometimes you are not the ideal candidate for mainline insurance companies. If you have the budget, then getting high risk insurance might be possible.

High-risk Life Insurance

This is usually what is called a graded death benefit policy. It will likely give you premium back plus interest if death from natural causes occurs in the first 2-3 years of the policy. Accident usually pays full amount from the start, and natural causes are covered after that initial 2-3 years. Term life is not an option here. These are whole life plans. Contact us for details, but do not expect to get much relative to fully underwritten policies. Generally only available from $10,000-$50,000.

High-risk Disability Insurance

Same as above. You cannot expect to get as much, but if you are employed then maybe we can get you coverage. If you are an employer, then that increases the chances we can get you a guaranteed issue policy.

High-risk Travel Insurance

Travelling to places most people are uncomfortable watching on tv? Let us know and maybe we can get you coverage for the trip.