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Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance or travel medical insurance, as it is also called, is coverage that is used when you leave your home country for five days up to three years. Your current health insurance is inadequate to use for foreign travel. As a standard, travel health insurance usually covers expenses not related to pre-existing conditions from unexpected illness or injury including:

  • Hospital, doctor and prescription charges
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency reunion
  • Common carrier accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Return of mortal remains

Below you will find four different companies that offer this coverage. There is no formal underwriting process. The policy will can start as early as tomorrow or a future date of your choice.

We have the plans listed by popularity. Just click on the links, quote the plan, and buy immediately online. It will cost you the same no matter where you buy, so when you make your decision, please support our site and make your purchase here. Thank you!

IMG - International Medical Group

IMG Patriot Travel

IMG Travel Health Insurance gives you the largest selections of policies for specialty situations. We also use this for foreign students here in the US. Patriot will be attractive to cost conscious consumers looking for good coverage. Patriot Platinum is a richer benefit plan for travelers looking for beefed up coverage. Group travel is for groups of five or more individuals either traveling to or from the US.

Azimuth Risk Solutions

Azimuth Risk Solutions

Azimuth Risk Solutions offers a variety of basic travel insurance.

HCC Medical Insurance Services
Seven Corners

Seven Corners Liaison

Seven Corners offers Liaison - low cost, no frills plans.

Other Options...

If you want coverage to cover the costs of the trip, then you can consider travel insurance (which has medical benefits). If you need coverage for an indefinite amount of time, then look at international health insurance. And, if you are mostly concerned with accidental death, then just look at travel life insurance.