THEY offer insurance quotes. WE provide direction. BIG difference.

Business Consultation

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. For the past 20 years we have met with countless business owners. Some of them are pillars of admiration, and others...have made less than admirable decisions. Absorbing that information and running a successful business ourselves can help your business grow, grab opportunity and avoid roadblocks.

Business Direction

  • We examine your business plan and help set your company in the right direction.

Business Marketing

  • We examine your marketing plan and help you fine tune your online & offline marketing.
  • Help setting up your SEO for your website (a web site is no good if it cannot be found).
  • Help development of your website (does your online presence match your offline persona?)

Business Auditing

  • Our government has three divisions for checks and balances...that should be enough reason to realize you might want to give your business a second look.

Below is just a partial list of what we have (allegedly) encountered through the years. Out of touch business owners are the common theme.

The Uglys

  • Bookkeepers with too much autonomy.
  • Consultants who recommend excessive salaries & recommend their associate for the job.
  • Abuse of company credit cards (popular).
  • Payroll personnel with excessive vacation pay.
  • CFOs/Accountants not paying corporate taxes.
  • HR personnel with no HR experience.